"Je n'ai pas vécu la liberté, mais je l'ai écrite sur les murs" (la révolution syrienne)

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My name is Fatima and I am a citizen of Kabul

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J’ai connu Fatima par l’intermédiaire du collectif Urgence Afghanes que nous avons lancé suite à la chute de Kaboul. Son courage, sa combativité, son dévouement et son combat pour les droits des femmes et de la démocratie m’ont laissée sans voix. Nous avons beaucoup à apprendre de la résistance afghane. History will not forget.  La version française est à la suite de la version anglaise qu’elle m’a faite parvenir. My name is Fatima Karimi and I am a citizen of Kabul. I am from a small minority, Bayat, which didn’t even have a name until last year. I am a 28-year-old girl from Afghanistan, a country where I have always been challenged and I have stood proudly with all my might against any type of injustice. I am a girl from a land where I have defended the teachings of democracy and human rights while fearing suicide attacks and explosions every day. For over 10 years, I have been working in various cultural, social, and political fields in my country. I have worked with national and international institutions with a patriotic mindset for my country. I also have experience working with the government. I have always worked to preserve the achievements and values we obtained in the last two decades. Before the Taliban take-over, I was promoting and defending women’s rights at every level. I have always been opposed to injustice, inequality, privilege, harassment (and the denial of capacities and capabilities in every intellectual group). Even now that the Taliban…

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