"Je n'ai pas vécu la liberté, mais je l'ai écrite sur les murs" (la révolution syrienne)

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The Egyptian elections or the two days that shook nothing

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In March 2018, Sisi has been « re-elected » with 97% of votes. While Moubarak (in power from 1981 to 2011), used to fake democratic elections, Sisi (in power since the 2013 military coup), doesn’t even seem to care about looking like anything else than a tyran. With Trump in power, with the absence of reaction from the international community to the crimes of Assad and Poutine in Syria, the regional context allows for such a political disaster. The Egyptian elections are, to this regard, a manifestation of the brutality of the counter-revolution.

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Liberté pour les prisonniers syriens, Freedom for Syrian prisoners!

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“The withdrawal of Assad has ceased to be a priority” – is repeated in the European as well as International Summits. Some like Emmanuel Macron even dare to specify that they do not deny Assad’s crimes against humanity and that maybe one day they’ll demand accountability for those crimes. In this terrible moment when democracies define that a bloodthirsty dictator is unavoidable, we are not only walking on the graves of those who have been killed by the tormentor – but the words and actions of those politicians burry alive the revolutionaries.

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